The Program (2 1/2 Stars)

The film is about the disgraced Tour de Force cyclist Lance Armstrong (Ben Foster) who throughout his sporting career abused banned substances in order to win the Tour de Force. The film itself is based on David Walsh’s (Chris O’Dawd) book, Seven Deadly Sins…which was about Walsh’s investigation into Armstrong’s alleged doping activities.

The film itself isn’t that great. I found the script boring and the beginning part of the film had background noise that was so loud it drowned out the dialogue. Ben Foster did an okay job as Lance Armstrong and by the end of the film his portrayal had successfully made me hate Lane Armstrong as a narcissistic, lying scumbag (which I think was 100 percent his intention). The supporting roles just weren’t there and the role film was a bit flat and lacklustre.

However that being said I felt it providing an interesting insight into the world of sporting and doping and helped to highlight the problem that is within sports. From the beginning of the film Lance Armstrong is told he can never win the Tour de Force because he is physically not designed to win the tour. The film then shows the drive and the lengths someone will go to to win. The film made me angry that in one person abusing and subsequently winning means that any athlete that wishes to race cleanly stands very little chance of winning, which I think is disgusting.


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