My Filofaxes: Personal Vintage Jack


This was my main planner for a long time…at least a few years. I wasn’t a big planner when I used it. Sometimes it would go in my bag…other times it would be substituted for an electronic planner when I dabbled in them. I am happy to say me and electronic planners have officially broken up and I don’t see us rekindling a romance for a long time (if ever!).

I didn’t really ‘enjoy’ this planner, I liked the look and the feel of it, but I just didn’t like the cheap flimsy paper. That ripped quite easily. I had the standard Filofax week on two pages, used the note section. I didn’t have dividers or anything like that. I served me well…but it didn’t keep my organised.

Now I am getting into organisation and filofax a little more. I think I can give this a proper review.

It looks beautiful. Lovely brown colour with with a red and a very grey/blue/brown colour to make up the Union Jack. Inside there are no pockets and no pen holder. It did come with a transparent dashboard that had a plastic pen loop on it (I banjaxed this with double sided sticky tape to stick flimsy not very sticky post it notes onto it. Once I’ve finished with them I will try to remove the sticky residue off it). There’s a couple things about this planner that I don’t like. One is that it is too stiff – I could not train it to lie flap like my Original does. I like that feature very much. Whilst I am not a particularly big pocket fan…some pockets are better than none at all…even it if was just to put a pack of sticky notes it the pocket. This can easily be resolved with transparent sleeves or zipped compartments. Currently Paperchase have sold out?! I’ve been stalking their website for at least a couple of weeks if not bordering on a month (and I’ve emailled them but they never bothered to reply) to see if they will come back in stock. They never have any in stock at my local WH Smith. I think I might go on a little shopping trip one day and try out different shops that aren’t in Birmingham city centre and see what I can find.


There are a couple of dents in mine which I don’t think will come out…but I am not that precious about them – after all I think it is character building and adds to the ‘vintage’ feel of the planner. The elastic has lasted really well and it is not overly stretched – in fact it still looks as brand new – it’s not slacked at all. This is because I do not overstuff my planners. I look in horror at some people who just cram so much into a planner. I really do not think it’s healthy to do it…and I do question whether all that stuff in there is truly needed?! Maybe it is but for me I prefer a much slimlined planner – even I find my planner a little heavy to carry sometimes…so I dread to think what the over-stuffed ones are like.

At the moment I have no plans to move back into this planner. That’s not to say that I never will…but I very much love my Original.



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