Hen and Chickens

I’ve walked past this pub many times but I’ve never actually walked in before. I always assumed it was just a drinking pub where people could go and watch sports…and it is. This is not a fancy restaurant. It’s a loud pub where people go to watch sports and cheer. In fact if you’re not into sports it can be a bit off putting especially as people get loud cheering over sport. It’s not a comfortable, relaxing venue where you can sit and relax over food..HOWEVER, saying that it I would really recommend giving it a try. This pub serves Indian food and it would be exactly how I imagined Indian pub food to be. It has a limited menu but covers the basics…poppadoms, samosas, mix grills, various different curries as well as sides of rice, naan and chips. The menu is limited, but surprisingly they have a good variety of vegetarian options.

I’ve been twice and had the Chili paneer both times – this stuff is amazing. It’s £7 which seems quite pricey, but the portion is enough for two and combine that with chips and maybe a naan. You have a very reasonably priced – filling meal. The first time I had the chilli paneer was the day after I’d gone raw vegan for a day. I had never enjoyed cheese as much as I did with the chilli paneer. The second time was just as good as well.

Yes the venue isn’t the grandest or the quietest but you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the food and I really would recommend going – just maybe try to go on a day that has no football, cricket or rugby!


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