DIY Deoderant


I was running low on deodorant, I have a spray one but I tend to prefer a roller ball/cream. I’ve been reading for a while about the dangers of using antiperspirant deodorant and how there may be logic into why so many women develop breast cancer than manifests itself under the armpit. I’m not really a person who is obsessed with my health but I did half-heartedly research some DIY recipes for deoderant. I came across this one.

In hindsight I don’t know why I decided to go for one that wouldn’t melt if you live in a warm climate country – because I don’t like in a warm climate country. I find the mixture to be very solid and it’s just not easy to spread under my arms.

You can find the original recipe up there…I am just going to Englishify the recipe.


30ml Cocoa Butter (I had coconut oil but I wanted to use the Butter up)

30ml Cornstarch

30ml Baking Soda

1 tbsp Beeswax Pellets


  1. I weighed out the Cocoa butter and set that in a double boiler, waiting for it to gentle melt. I then added the beeswax to it and let that also melt.
  2. I weighed the cornstarch and baking soda into a separate boil.
  3. Once the oils were melted I took it off the double boiler and mixed in the cornstarch and baking soda. This mixture became very thick very quickly.

In hind I wish I had put it back on the double boiler – or get it on the double boiler to begin with. I found the mixture difficult to spoon into my container and I can feel when I apply it that the mixture isn’t really mixed together very well. In addition I was so preoccupied with trying to get the deodorant into the container that I didn’t put any essential oils in it. So it is a fragrance free deodorant.

In terms of performance…this mixture doesn’t stop me from sweating, but I find despite the fact there is no fragrance in it I don’t think I smell. In fact, I have a nice gentle hint of cocoa butter. If I was to make it again I think I wouldn’t use this recipe again, but I’d experiment and maybe add a bit of a liquid oil to it or something – to soften it up a bit.

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