Pen Love: Faber-Castell Grip 2011 Ballpoint Pen

What probably hasn’t come across too much in my blog at the moment (but please give it time!) is my obsession for all things German. I love German history, German Films, I love the German language (even if I’m not very good at it!).


So of course I was going to like German pens…it had to be a given. I had my eye on these Faber-Castell pens, and I really liked the look of them. However at just under £10 a pop, I was reluctant to buy them without at least seeing them in person. Did the fine city of Birmingham, England have them in any shop though?! No they didn’t. You can get a ton of Faber-Castell pencils no problem. They don’t have a problem with selling you pencils; just pens. So I kinda put them on the back burner – until Cult Pens had a sale on some colours. I really wanted the Petrol blue pen colour, I thought it would work really well with my Filofax (I like it when I am right), but I also wanted the black one…which sadly wasn’t in the sale. My original idea was to have a turquoise colour in the petrol and black in the black pen…but I thought the half price offer was such a good deal I decided to get the green pen and just put black ink in it.

Sadly, Faber-Castell don’t do turquoise ink but the pens themselves hold a standard Parker-style G2 Refill…and cult pens have a lot of choice on refills. To continue the theme I went for German ink and got the Schmidt refill – they do the best range of more ‘wilder’ colours and they are VERY good value at a £1 each.

The pens arrived very quickly and I couldn’t fault the service of Cult Pens. At first I thought they were a bit on the fat side. I have slim fingers and hands. I just thought they were too fat for me. If I had been in a shop I would have put the pen down and walked away, however because I had bought them I was kinda stuck with them. So I thought I might as well give them a go. I tried the original Faber-Castell ink which comes in blue and it’s a really lovely ink. I have kept them and may consider swapping this ink back in on occasion. I love the Schmidt ink – the turquoise is very fun and the black is a nice quality. I apologise for the spelling mistake in my photo below…I missed the t off Schmidt. This is my first blog post in which I take photos of ink though…so I can be forgiven!


The pen themselves. I am in love. I’m actually a bit scared to use them in scare someone borrows my pen and never returns it…I would hunt them down and kill them. Despite their thickness they are a firm pen, it feels solid. The grip – which supposedly Faber-Castell designed first and build the pen around it is excellent. I am left handed and hold my pen in an awkward way, which over many years has caused a blistered raised bump on my finger. Usually writing causes friction and eventually pain. I love these pens, when I am writing it feels like I am not holding a pen at all. They are light-weight and comfortable. I like the triangular body of the pen too because it seems to rest better in my awkward pen position. I think they are incredibly well made and are value for money.

I am quite I got them at half price, but if I wanted to buy a pen for someone – or get a new colour I wouldn’t hesitate to pay full price for them. They are incredibly lovely. I am in love with these pens, they hard part is deciding whether to use the blue or the green….luckily the ink helps sway me.

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