Sicario (3 Stars)

For those like me if you are wondering about the title…but have yet to google it – this film begins with introducing what the word ‘Sicario’ means ‘man of the dagger’ and was originally based on the occupants of Jerusalem who attempted to assassinate Romans following the conquering of Judea. Today, the word is used in South America to mean hitman.

The film starts very promising, there is not shortage of action as a group of FBI and SWAT agents storm a building in an attempt to stop a hostage scene. Immediately upon securing the scene, a bullet has teared through a wall and relieves a gruesome scene…over 30 bodies are hidden in the wall…executed by suffocation (the bag still visible on their faces). The scene escalates further when during the clearing on a shed on the police officers set off an IED explosion.

This is where the film then breaks, Kate Macer (Emily Blunt), lead investigator on the hostage case is brought under control of another operation. Kate agrees to join because she is keen to search for the men responsible…aiming to strike a blow at stopping those responsible rather than just clearing up at the mess they leave behind. Although Kate is a successful Hostage agent, she clearly becomes out of her depth quickly in this new investigation, particularly when they don’t play by the rule book.

I thought within the first ten minutes of this film, that it was a good film and I was going to enjoy it…however between the hostage plot and the establishment of the second operation I felt it lost it’s way a little and I didn’t seem as interested in it. I guess I was expecting more of a crime, forensics search for the hitman who had killed the people in the opening scene. Instead these bodies were largely forgotten and it was more of a military-style covert operation to put a cat amongst the pigeons (even if that isn’t quite legal) to get them to mess up so they could find those responsible but are hidden high up in the drug trade chain. It’s received high reviews elsewhere, so maybe it is more of a hit for others…but I wasn’t overly impressed.


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