Free Fall (3 1/2 Stars)

This film is currently on Netflix (Amazon). Marc Borgmann is following in the footsteps of his father and becoming a police officer. He’s living the dream when his pregnant gilfriend moves in with him and they begin setting up home for the arrival of their child. Only whilst at the academy a fellow trainee, Kay Engel and Marc begin to develop a friendship, which quickly changes when Kay, who is gay makes an advance on Marc. Marc at first rejects Kay, but his feelings begin to turn. Conflicted Marc begins to struggle with his love for his girlfriend and unborn child and his love for Kay and it’s implications.

This has received quite negative ratings and only grossed just under $600,000, I’m not sure why because I think it is a good film. I thought the storyline was better than the recent Doctor Forster which has been on the BBC and somehow seemed more realistic than the BBC. Maybe that was become Doctor Forster was so much more of a drama, and I was very much away I was watching tv. This film was much more subtle and to me reflected more of a fly on the wall documentary style drama and much more realistic than Doctor Forster.


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