My Filofaxes: Personal Dark Aqua Original


This is the third post in this series…if you can call it that. Up today is my most used filofax. As I’ve already explained I have three main filofaxes. My mini Malden I use as a wallet, my a5 original which I use as a work/research binder and finally today my main planner.

In terms of order of purchase this is my middle planner. I got the A5 first and the Mini Malden last. When I recieved my A5 I was impressed by the colour and the quality of the binder. I was really tempted to use it as an everyday planner. The problem is it is just too big and bulky. I began to toy with the idea of getting it in a personal size…but I thought at about £60 for a personal size I couldn’t really justify spending that…not after I had just bought the A5.

However that didn’t mean that I couldn’t window shop for the personal planner. After all, I did get my A5 at 50% off…if you thought that was a good deal you’ll love this deal even more. I got a massive 66% of it! I got it at Nigel O’Hara, and I don’t know if there was a fault with the system because almost immediately after buying it the price went up and the discount was something like 30% off. I told myself I was just going to window shop…but at that price I couldn’t resist it. I am very pleased I bought it at that price, it was certainly a treasured find…and probably the cheapest filofax I own (I can’t remember how much I paid for one of them but that’s for another blog).

When I commented about getting this filofax on the Facebook group – I got a comment from someone saying I can’t believe someone is stupid enough to order from that website, they are terrible – or words to that effect. I don’t normally get negative feedback on the facebook group and I was a bit miffed by it. But Nigel O’Hara were fantastic, delivery was super fast (I think I ordered it on Friday and it was here by the Tuesday morning) and arrived in perfect condition. The additional inclusion of some a 2015 week on two pages Filofax inserts was funny, as it already came with 2015 Week on two page Filofax inserts. I’m not sure if they put them in by mistake meaning to have 2016, or whether they were just getting rid of old 2015 stock. Either way the additional laugh was welcomed. It doesn’t bother me that they didn’t give me 2016 inserts…but my hatred of filofax inserts would have prevented me from using them anyway. I would definitely recommend using Nigel O’Hara and don’t be put off about what people say. If you buy online you are protected by Paypal and your bank so it’s always worth a try. The UK has really good laws on buyer online and your rights as a consumer – I recommend you read up on those, because I have in the past had sellers try and catch me out, but I drew attention to my legal rights and they would also sought out the problem. I am super pleased with this Filofax. I think if I had to choose between my Filofaxes I’d really struggle between my Mini and this one.

But let’s get down to the actual planner itself…
I have still not finished setting it up. I would still like to add dividers and personalise it a little bit…but at the moment this is a low priority. I am still working out finding out what makes it work for me and until I have found that I am going to leave the blue/green Filofax dividers in place.


Section one holds the usual suspects for a filofax. Mostly my contact details, my penpal addresses and a calendar.

Section two is my diary. My diary is split into two. I have the months for this year and next year printed on a two months per page. This are actually folded out. So it’s effectively a month on two pages (in terms of size) but on a z-fold pull out. My photo probably explains it way better than I found. I have two months on it, one each side. I quite like this set up. When I am on the even month…so February, April etc. That insert goes in front of my weekly pages. Which means impressively I can have say February open my weekly open and the March open as well, which I really like. I made these monthlies myself and I will eventually post a tutorial on how to make them…but for the moment I am super swamped with blog posts to write and do not always seem to have the time to write them. Hopefully this weekend I can bash a load out! These inserts are a bit bulky but I am not really someone who overstuffs my planner. My bag is a vintage Gladstone bag which has a metal frame. It is HEAVY. So I don’t want to carry around additional bulk. So streamlined planners are the future…and the present.

My other diary section is my week on two pages. It’s effectively a week on one page which I like to put on the right. I am left handed so I can take this page out, fill it in on the Sunday before, decorate it and then put it back in my planner. That way I am not constantly fighting with the rings and I shouldn’t have to worry too much because the important bits are written in. The left hand side is dedicated to a bullet journal style list thing. It acts as a brain dump and gives me the ability to keep a track of my open to dos. I’m not going to go too in depth about what I use my month and week pages for…i think that would make this post too long. So let’s keep ploughing through to…


Section three which is my finance section. It houses a modern shopping list which mostly tracks what oils I would like to buy for soap making. It also has the name of a stationary company and a stamp company I like. That way if I don’t need to buy it immediately and someone wants to know what to get me for Christmas or Birthday I can just look at the list. I also have a spend tracker. This records everything I spend in a given month. Every penny is accounted for. I pick a different colour each month so it is easy to see different months and I just monitor my spending. It is broken down into the date I bought it, a description of what it is. Whether I am waiting on it to be delivered and a delivery date, the cost of the item and finally a tick column for when I’ve recieved it…if it was something that was being delivered.

Section 4 is notes. I have a blog idea one…which is mostly redundant because I actually just created a load of titled posts on my blog and saved them as a draft. This is useful though if I am on the go and I don’t have access to my blog…which is almost never as my blog is also on my phone…my phone is permanently glued to my hand. I have a list for things my history group have suggested we do. This one is more useful as I have ideas from many different platforms so I do need a central list. This is that central list. Next I have a 100 greatest books you should read. I started reading the first one in August and it is an awful book. I am refusing to be defeated by it…but I’m not winning either. So that list just sits there. Next I have my own books I would like to read list…followed closely by a films list. I have a freezer inventory – I did try meal planner and it worked well for a week but then I stopped doing it. I am going to go back to that next week and start to make my way through my freezer list. Then I just have notes from a meeting and a phone call.


Section five is my last section and it houses blank paper. I then have at the back of my planner my little jotter pad which is useful for random notes when I don’t want to waste a sheet of paper. I also have a transparent pocket which houses some stamps, plasters and a memento old fashioned clocking in card from when I went to the Coffin works museum in Birmingham.


That’s my main workhorse. It works quite well for me and I don’t really see myself changing anything too drastically. I don’t really need to add another section into it. I will just eventually upgrade the dividers and the contact section.


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