Macbeth (2 1/2 Stars)


The first surviving record of this play being performed was in 1611. So for yet another remake over four hundred years later speaks to the testament of a brilliant English writer, William Shakespeare.

Whenever I think of William Shakespeare, I can’t help but think of Blackadder meeting him in the Back and Forth episode and punching him in the face for the misery that was Hamlet…and the 400 years of children’s misery at having to study his plays.

I studied Macbeth at school, so it is a play I have seen countless times and read quite a bit too. This film is true to the form of the original play…however I wasn’t inspired by it. That could have been in part to the fact I have seen it so many times. It’s not a new story. But I don’t know. I think it was to the characters themselves. Their portrayal just didn’t seem believable enough in this play. Which is odd because I quite like Marion Cotillard who portrayed Lady Macbeth and think she was brilliant in Public Enemies. I can’t put my finger on Michael Fassbender too…he performance was admirable as Macbeth. I don’t know I just wasn’t entertained by the performance and at points felt like I was forcing myself to stay awake. One thing I did really like about this was that it kept true to the original language.


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