The Martian (4 Stars)

Mike told me an interesting fun fact about this film, apparently on the first day of shooting they said that one if not all of the cast was going to get an Oscar for this film. Ambitious? Certainly. Egotistical? Perhaps. Overreaching? I don’t think so.

Mark Watney is part of a six man crew on a mission to Mars to collect space samples. However a storm hits the earlier than expected the crew must race back to the shuttle and launch before it risks tipping over. Mark is hit by a satellite that has been caught up in the storm and goes missing – the visibility is so poor and the only information they have is that Mark’s spacesuit has been compromised, meaning he died within a minute. The crew makes the decision to abandon him and save themselves before risking the launcher being tipped over. However Mark isn’t dead. He wakes up injured but still alive. He’s abandoned alone on Mars…no way of communicating Nasa and does not have enough food to survive the three years it would take for Nasa to get back to Mars, so he faces a massive challenge – do the impossible and survive on Mars or die.

Matt Damon is the star of this film…and for some reason whenever people ask me what my favourite actor is I always struggle. Why do I never think of Matt Damon? I think he is a fantastic actor…Good Will Hunting, The Bourne Films and now this one cement him as a very talented actor. I am still new to blogging and I always seem to give films a four star rating. I try not to give too many films a five star rating unless I am truly impressed by them…I was impressed with this film but found it a little predictable – doesn’t mean it’s any less good. It’s just a safe Hollywood movie, so it deserves four stars…Matt Damon however deserves five not only for this film but for his acting career as a whole.


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