Big Girls Don’t Cry (4 Stars)

I started watching this film and it decided it wanted to start playing in French…so I spent the first five minutes getting it back into beautiful German and then restarted – German is such a beautiful language.

Kati and Steffi are best friends…and have been since they were toddlers. They are typical teenagers but Kati’s happy life is turned upside when she discovers her father is having an affair. Angry, Kati decides to take revenge on her father’s lover with the reluctant help of Steffi. Things turn darker when Kati discovered the lover has a daughter the same age as her.

Brilliant film showing the consequences of being a teenager and making really bad decisions in the heat of the moment. If only our adult brains could kick in when we are young, then maybe we wouldn’t have so many regrets. Then again, is it the regrets that make us who we are today? As Steffi says…sometimes life is shit and you just have to get through it. Still, if you are one of those people who are quick to react, and often react in the heat of the moment…this is a film worth watching. It certainly shows the importance of your actions and that actions do have consequences.


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