I just thought I’d to a review of a website I’ve been using for a couple of months. Meetup is a site designed to organise different group events for people to meet up. Each group can have a particular interest and the idea is you join a group with people who like the same interests as you and you go on social events together.

I have joined a couple of meetups and since joining I have now become an organiser for one of the groups.

I have eclectic ideas and a lot of them I do not share with my friends. There have been things I have often wanted to go and watch at the cinema, or historical places to visit – but my friends have not been interested in going. I am also learning German, so it is nice to meet people who speak German to get use to hearing German and begin to understand it – after all you cannot learn a language on your own.

It’s a nice site, because if I feel like doing someone one night and none of my friends are available I can always see what’s going on within meetup and join a meetup. I’ve met some really lovely people in the process and have had a few good trips out meeting people who have the same interests as me.


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