Digbeth Dining Club

My blog is now branching out into food – I’m not much of a foodie and I am vegetarian but I thought Digbeth Dining Club was worth a mention!

Digbeth Dining Club is located near the Custard Factory, and is in fact a small industrial warehouse located near the railway arches in Digbeth. It’s open every Friday and is situated in a part of Birmingham I never really take the time to travel to – but the trip to Digbeth Dining Club is well worth it, even if all you do is catch the stunning historical scenery as you walk to it. It’s very urban.

Once you get there – it’s a small commerial unit…mostly black and abandoned. It looks a bit weird, and to be honest, if it was a winter’s night. I could see this being the set of some low budget local horror film – deserted, no one can hear you scream type scenario.

Inside the venue…it’s painted black and looks almost like an illegal nightclub. There’s a DJ booth, some comfy chairs and a bar. Outside there is a old industrial forecourt that has food stalls. This had about five. These food stalls alternate so you are not likely to get the same stalls each time you go.

When I visited there was a Beef Burger stall, a Greek kebab style stall, a waffle stall, a Caribbean stall, and finally an Asian stall.  Vegetarian options wise – there was probably about two (excluding the waffle stall – as I didn’t really check that out), which you know if fairly limited for a vegi – but we kinda expect this right?

I had a grilled Halloumi pitta bread which was served with salad and tzatziki, which cost £5.50. I then had a portion of Pancit Canton which I shared and cost £5. The food was very nice and I couldn’t fault it. I really enjoyed it and I am very full. I did feel it was a little overpriced – the noodles were lovely but for £5 and the portion size, even if I had that as my main meal I would feel slightly disappointed. The Halloumi pitta bread was again very nice, but I think to spend £8 for my meal, it was great overpriced. Drop this to about £6.50 and I would think it was more value for money.

It’s a different venue and I would suggest it is worth visiting once; but you probably won’t see me going there every Friday night.


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