I’ve tried many times to start and maintain a blog…starting, I find, is not the problem. Maintaining it is the problem. I’ve tried to stick to one theme and quickly I found that I ran out of motivation, interest and simply time.

I have tried writing about my research interests as an academic – that lasted two posts.

I have tried writing about my interest in all natural, do it yourself beauty – that lasted three posts.

However, now my friend has asked me to start writing film reviews on his blog post – I thought if I was going to do them there, it might be nice to have my own blog to keep them stored on – and maybe write about some of the other things I enjoy too but on one combined blog, rather than separate themed ones.

So I guess it’s wish me good luck as I try again to write yet another blog! – Who know’s maybe this time I’ll make it to four posts before giving up.



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